Unika Stenhus: Taking Concrete Houses to a Whole New Level

In this day and age, when sustainability is a pressing issue, one Swedish architectural firm is making headlines with its hybrid concrete houses. Unika Stenhus is an architecture firm that has been in the business of building concrete houses that are fully customizable and flexible. Ola Torrång, the brain behind this concrete house, combines Japanese and Swedish architectural design with an added sustainability aspect. The result: a modern breakthrough Fairy Tale house that boasts both aesthetics and functionality. These concrete houses are at the forefront of future housing options as we move forward to more energy-efficient and environment-friendly options.

The Fairy Tale House

“Betongstommen i våra betonghus lagrar värme under vintern, samt gör huset svalare under sommaren. Läs mer om våra betonghus på vår hemsida” – Ola Torrång

Translation: “The concrete frame stores heat during winter and during the summer it cools down the house. Read more about our concrete houses on your homepage” – Ola Torrång

This two-storey Fairy Tale house has a special design. The roof, which is made of oriental red tiles, sticks out, while the first floor’s corners are tapered off. All these are implemented to maximize space. In the aspect of customizability, the house features partitions that can be removed to accommodate 1 more room from the original existing 7.

This hybrid house can last longer than a typical house. Its primary foundation is made of pure concrete. A foundation that does not require any maintenance work and regulates temperature. It has a glass cupola to help with room lighting and insulation. A move that Ola saw as a necessity in a house that can outlive its occupants.   While having all these, the house is also designed with all amenities for comfort and some luxury on the sides. Imagine a winter garden, a love alcove, and a pond in your home? Yes, all these can be incorporated in the Fairy Tale House.

The winter garden in The Fairy Tale House

Ola Torrång’s hybrid concrete house design is truly the model of functionality and simplicity – a glimpse of the clean and simple Japanese architecture and the sustainability of Swedish architecture.

Indeed this Swedish architect is taking concrete houses to the next level!