How to Decorate a Modern Tropical Style Home

A tropical place is one that you’d frequently love to go to for vacations and getaways. It offers the kind of relaxation and serenity away from the city’s hustle and bustle. A combination of sand, sea, and sky make for a very comforting atmosphere. This is why it’s not surprising that more homeowners want to bring the tropics into their very homes.

A tropical style home is all about relaxation and comfort. It is defined by the colors of the sand, sea and sky. Warm colors that soothe are the theme or, alternatively, rich colors of the sky and vegetation such as deep green, blue tones and golden hues. Natural materials are used in abundance in a tropical style home and accessories and decors center on island motifs and floral prints.

To get you started on a tropical style home, here are some decorating style solutions that you can integrate flawlessly in your home:

  • Tropical prints and patterns

What better way to turn your home into the tropics than decorating with tropical prints and patterns. Think wallpapers that feature jungle themes or throw pillow fabrics that have floral prints or even some tiki masks and totems to achieve the full tropics effect.


  • Vibrant color schemes

The tropical palette usually consists of yellow, beige, blue, and green. These colors represent a specific meaning integral to your home’s entire tropics styling. The yellow hue represents the sun, the core of what makes the tropics so refreshing and vibrant. While the beige color is the ultimate reminder of sand in the tropics. Blue in different tones represent the sky and the vast expanse of the ocean as it mirrors the former. The green tint signifies nature, the foliage that hints of an energizing vibe.

  • Plant life

The tropics is defined by flora and foliage, so decorating with natural plants inside your home imbibes the tropical atmosphere. Bring in those plants into your home, palms are especially a nice added touch to achieve the tropics vibe. Fill those vases with colorful and vibrant flowers and place it the dining room, living room, and even the bedroom.


  • Wood and more wood

From abaca, teak wood, bamboo, and other wood types – all of these can be used to further enhance a tropics-style home. Incorporate wood into furniture and fixtures, accessories, and even on walls. Wood on walls is especially a trend with the use of wood panels, which are used as accents. Going with wood panels is a perfect sustainable alternative to paint, which are known to contain toxic compounds.

  • Tropics-centered wall art

Tropics-centered wall art adds the perfect finishing touches of your tropical style home. The diverse options available for wall art allow you to choose one that will perfectly suit the tropical color scheme of your home. For more tropic-centric art pieces, you can use natural wood frames or even bamboo frames. And for more innovative and cool ways to decorate using wall art in all rooms of your home, has a lot of pointers that will come in very handy.

  • Embrace nature

The tropical theme is all about nature, so your home should embrace it. When you do this, sustainability is a part and parcel of the tropical home too. Wood furniture that is sourced sustainably is one example. Using natural lighting embraces nature to its fullest benefit. Instead of using ordinary lights and lighting fixture, create windows that are wide and uncluttered. This provides sufficient lighting. Instead of the usual curtains, go for wooden blinds for a more tropics feel.


Create your own tropical oasis with these styling solutions and inspirations. With a touch of these decorating magic, you’ll experience the tropics all year round!

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